About Me

Stuart Sipahigil I am an amateur photographer in the traditional sense of the word. That is, I do it for the love of the craft. I’ve been at it for over 40 years, since my grandparents got me a plastic 120-roll film camera for Christmas when I was six. I went crazy with it, snapping photos of everything and everyone until my sister threatened to beat me with it. When I finished the roll of film, I sat down and opened the back to see my pictures. Imagine my shock after my grandfather gently explained what I’d just done. I cried for quite a while afterward. (I’m not sure I’ve ever actually recovered from it.)

Today, I shoot with a digital camera and several very good lenses, and now I can simply look at the back of the camera to see my images. But I still get the same feeling of anticipation that my six-year-old self did when I look to see if I’ve gotten what I hoped for.

For me, this blog will be about my continuing journey in the craft of photography: my gear, my knowledge, and my vision. It will also be about what I learn from others: books, workshops, and seminars. Mostly, though, it’s about being out there shooting; learning through experience and growing as a photographer and as a human being.

In the end, I hope we both get something from it.

If you just can’t get enough of my mad ramblings, you can find me on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. You can also get my ebook, Close to Home: Finding Great Photographs in Your Own Back Yard, at Craft & Vision. You can also contact me here at info@thelightwithout.com.